All that's left behind...

Looking back on this past weekend, I am full of emotion...sadness, wonder of the future, excitement, pride, and...well, joy! You see, my oldest boy moved out of the family home, and into his very own first place. In anticipation of this, my wife made a few purchases, packed some things, laundered every last sock of his she could muster, [...]

Not going feet first...

In the course of just one day, I can go from visiting my elderly parents in the very house I grew up in, to listing a large home where the seller is a 50 something like me, looking to down size, and seek a change in life [...]

Where have all the houses gone?

As the new year approaches, I hope all of you had enjoyable holidays.  Come this time every year, I am wrapping up sales from a few months ago, and looking forward to what the new year will bring. By all accounts, it should be a good year in real estate. There are reports that home prices have risen as much as 4.5%, which is the largest [...]

I'm baaaaaack!

Well, here we are...it sure has been a while. Me, I figured nobody was reading, so...I took a 3 to 4  year break on writing. But...I have a new website, and thought it was time to get back out there...so, here I am. Happy to be with you. You know, back in the day, we had none of this...all I had was a car, a phone, and a dream...that's [...]

Rumor has it...

Rumor has it...

If you are watching the morning, or the evening news, you are made to think that there are WAAAAAY to many houses on the market, and NONE are selling. WRONG!! All Real Estate is local, and although the national picture as a whole may not be that great, local real estate is flying off the shelves in some cases. In my market [...]

If you have forever, buy a "short sale."

Let's face it, every buyer is hoping to get "a deal" when looking to buy real estate. These days, one might find that deal of a century in a "short sale." Sounds like a good idea, but...there are pit falls. In brief, a "short sale" is a property that is on the market where the home owner, or seller, is not the party that is able to respond [...]

All Real Estate is LOCAL

You turn on the radio, all you hear is how "bad" the market is...and how you will "Never" be able to sell your home. If you hav'nt driven yourself off the road, you get home and now you put on the TV. Oh no, be ready, it won't be good. Pictures of foreclosure signs are plastered across your screen, people are living in tents, and surely, the [...]

Fine in-0-nine

Here it is folks...the first day of the new year, where our hopes and dreams for the year have every opportunity of coming true. We are optimistic, enthusiastic, and going through the day with a smile on our face, and a spring in our step. We are looking forward to good health, enjoyable times with family and friends, and success in our [...]

Happy Holidays?

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All I have been hearing lately is about how "bad" the real estate market is! Please, I know already, I am a Realtor, remember? Truth is, it isn't great, but it isn't as bad as "they" say. I have sold some homes, my office has sold some homes, and in general, things are OK. The real winners are those who realize that this is the time to buy. [...]

I wish I had gas...

On Tuesday morning, I was sitting eating a bagel, minding my own business, when the phone rang, and it was my tenant from a property I own...he was HYSTERICAL! Sadly, not the kind of hysterical you might be when you hear a funny joke, or watch someone trip...it was the bad kind of hysterical. "Rick...it's bad, it's bad," he screamed, "the [...]