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Fine in-0-nine

Here it is folks...the first day of the new year, where our hopes and dreams for the year have every opportunity of coming true. We are optimistic, enthusiastic, and going through the day with a smile on our face, and a spring in our step. We are looking forward to good health, enjoyable times with family and friends, and success in our chosen profession. As we look back to the year now behind us, some of think that no matter what happens in the new year, it can only be better than what was in 08'. What's on every one's mind? The economy!

The past year has left us thinking that we may not be able to retire until we are in our mid 90's...nothing any of us hoped for. Let's face it, one of the best things about getting older is the idea that some day we can sit by the ocean...without our cell phone in hand, or visit a friend long enough to enjoy that second cup of coffee. Now what? Will we live long enough to see it come back so that we can do those things, sooner than later? Really, who knows? We sit and watch the television hoping that the "experts" will tell us when things will get better. Funny, those same "experts" in many cases are the ones that helped get us here in the first place. What do they know? Is there a crystal ball somewhere that we don't know about?

I think the best advise I have heard is to, as my 17 year old son would say, "CHILL." We just have to ride this out. Confidence is the key. We need to feel confident that if we buy something today, that it is not worth less tomorrow, and I believe that will, and actually is happening in some cases. From sweaters at your local retailer, to homes for sale in your neighborhood, there are some GREAT deals out there. If you have the ability to buy anything right now, then right now is the time to buy! You will enjoy tremendous savings while enjoying whatever it is you buy, will help the economy to get back on its feet, which will benefit all of us in the end.

On this day, I urge all of us to look at all of the joys in life that are FREE. These are often the best things we can ever ask for. I realize this is sometimes difficult when you may be thinking of which bill to pay today, and which ones can wait...this is never fun, but have faith, things will always work out. I will continue to have spiritual faith, faith in my family, faith in my business partner, faith in my associates, faith in my friends, clients, my peers and MYSELF! All of us together can make GREAT things happen. I am certainly looking forward to great things, and am more than confident that all will be Fine in-0-nine!

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