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All Real Estate is LOCAL

You turn on the radio, all you hear is how "bad" the market is...and how you will "Never" be able to sell your home. If you hav'nt driven yourself off the road, you get home and now you put on the TV. Oh no, be ready, it won't be good. Pictures of foreclosure signs are plastered across your screen, people are living in tents, and surely, the world is sure to come to an end at any moment. It's dinner time, but can you eat? Should you throw your head in your hands and weep, I mean, what can you do? Thing are just soooo bad, there must be no end in sight, and absolutely no way out...right? Well, I say "wrong!"

Although things are very tough for some right now, and seriously, our thoughts are with them right now, but it is NOT everywhere, like the news would lead us to believe. The Real Estate market is different in each state, in each town, in each neighborhood, and on each street. Maybe, just maybe things are pretty good where you are, or...maybe things are GREAT where you are. To find out, talk with a professional from your area, and see what is happening right outside your just may be better than you think.

Now, this is not to say that prices have gone sky rocketing like in days gone by, but maybe they have not dropped too low either. Buyers, wow do you have it made. This is the time to buy...if you hav'nt, you should not delay much longer, things have really picked up, and homes are selling. Interest rates are likely to never be this attractive again(around 5%), and prices are perhaps on the upswing in some areas, so get in while the gettin' is good.

I think buyers will be surprised in some areas. There really is very little inventory available. In fact, I am working right now with qualified, well positioned buyers who WANT to buy a house...there is just nothing for them to buy...imagine? When something hot comes on, it goes in days. Are they telling us that on the news? NO!!!

I wish the news would give us a little positive information form time to time. It would do all of us a world of good, no matter what business you are in. The press has us so scared, we are hiding our money like squirrels hide nuts for the Winter. That makes us feel better, and more secure, but does nothing good for our common goal, which is to see everyone have confidence in their decisions. Regardless of all the bad news lately, I STILL feel, and probably always will, that owning a property is The American Dream...Now is the time to make that dream come true.

If I can help...I am always here for you!!