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Where have all the houses gone?

As the new year approaches, I hope all of you had enjoyable holidays.  Come this time every year, I am wrapping up sales from a few months ago, and looking forward to what the new year will bring.  By all accounts, it should be a good year in real estate.  There are reports that home prices have risen as much as 4.5%, which is the largest increase in years.  What do you think is the leading cause for this?  When I have asked this question of my friends and family over the last few weeks, the most common response has been "the low interest rates!"  Well, that has has something to do with it, but...the main reason is that of low, low inventory.  Like anything, when supply is low, and demand is that would ordinarily be challenging to sell, tend to sell, and for top dollar.  I have recently watched a few of my listing which were considered HOT houses to receive multiple offers and sell well ABOVE the listing price.
Lesson here...if you are waiting till the spring market to sell you home, with the common belief that homes show better in spring, buyers are plentiful in spring, and therefore you will sell faster and for more money...wait no more!  Inventory swells in the spring, due to this common belief, and as a result, homes can take longer to sell, and for LESS money.  January through March is traditionally an excellent market for sellers...2013 will certainly be no different.  Skeptical?  If so, I am happy to put you in touch with my clients from years past who are now "total believers!"  I will never forget a few years ago, when all it did was snow!  I had the FOR SALE sign installed in a snow bank at a NEW listing, rather than in the ground, as we literally could not get to it.  The sellers thought they would never sell, but trusted me.  In a few days, I had that house under contract...for the FULL asking price!
If you are thinking of selling...NOW is the time to call me.  If you want top dollar...the right broker, the right exposure, plus the right time all add up to be the IDEAL combination for SUCCESS!  Lets talk anytime...781-290-RICK (7425),
As always, I look forward to hearing from you!
Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year!