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Not going feet first...

In the course of just one day, I can go from visiting my elderly parents in the very house I grew up in, to listing a large home where the seller is a 50 something like me, looking to down size, and seek a change in life style.
It seems our parents had a secret goal to stay in their big, single family home for 50 years or more.  They have more tolerance for lawns that nobody steps foot on, and giant trees that constantly need trimming, and general up keep that never seems to end.  Or...they are more afraid of change.  The older they get, the more set in their ways they become.  Afternoons spent watching Gun Smoke re-runs, and dead-heading the geraniums apparently is fulfilling enough, so...status quo it is.  My folks, like many their age (late 80's) say "you're gonna have to drag me out feet first!"  With this, I'm finding I worry more about them...can they keep up with the demands of this property?  Are they alone too much?  If Mom should fall...again, can my hard of hearing Dad hear her call for him?
There are places today where older folks, with over-all good general health can live, where an eye is kept on them around the them a life with more human interaction, balanced meals, and immediate medical attention when they need it.  And for their children...peace of mind!  No matter how my sisters and I try, along with the rest of a large, close family...we can not give them all they need, and worse...all that they WANT.

Alternatively, I see couples looking for a townhouse, while in their 50's, rather than duplicating the lives of their parents.  The thought of a Lazy-Boy recliner, and dinner at 4:15 has them packing up sooner than ever.  These clients are having me put the sign up the minute Little Johnny or Susie head to college.  They are OUT-A-HERE!  Some go to live it up in the city, while others may head to the coast...or, some stay in town, but give up 3000sf for 1500sf or less...and with no yard!  They wish to travel, dine out, socialize, entertain, and just not be tied down to home maintenance.

I think too, a lot of the reason people are selling younger is so that they will be less reliant on their children, the way ours rely so heavily on us.  We either don't want to impose on their lives, or...perhaps we are not as confident that our kids will be there for us, the way we are for ours.

Whatever the case, less space and less stuff can mean more freedom, more excitement, more opportunity to explore what life has to offer.

There will always be a 30 something who can't wait to mow the lawn, clean the gutters, and trim those unruly, if YOU'RE looking for a lifestyle change, let me show you what lies beyond the cul-de-sac!