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Happy Holidays?

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All I have been hearing lately is about how "bad" the real estate market is! Please, I know already, I am a Realtor, remember? Truth is, it isn't great, but it isn't as bad as "they" say. I have sold some homes, my office has sold some homes, and in general, things are OK. The real winners are those who realize that this is the time to buy. My recent clients could NOT be happier...they are picking up property that they NEVER thought they could afford.
With that being said, there was a time when I thought if I didn't sell a ton of Real Estate, I was doomed. How could I be happy without so much income? Well, the past year has taught me a lot. It has taught me how to relax about the is what it is, and it will be what it will be.

I pay my bills, we have nice meals everyday, my wife always looks lovely, my house is a home, my kids go to great schools, AND, we are all healthy! What more can a guy ask for? This Holiday Season, when we have seen the value of our property sink to an all time low, the stock market reduce itself to the point of no return, and constant news that "the sky is falling," how can we possibly have Happy Holidays? I say "easy!"

Just look around you, and really take notice of your many blessings. I find myself just stopping to notice the little things that we too often take for granted. I dropped my elderly parents off at the airport a few weeks ago so they may once again enjoy the Winter in Florida. I paused to watch them hand in hand, after 61 years of marriage, walking to embark to a place they love and enjoy...together. At a recent High School football game, I stopped in the midst of a cheering crowd to look at my beautiful wife who welled up in tears as our boy was included in a winning play...she beamed with pride, as tired as she was from all she does.

My little boy, now 4 is ALWAYS doing something that amazes me. I can stare at him for hours, just lining up his hundreds of Hot Wheels. The joy his cars bring him is unbelievable. Just a little car, nothing more. From time to time he will stop what he is doing just to say "I love you Daddy!" How many houses would I need to sell to feel how that makes me feel?

So please, this Holiday Season, enjoy the sight of the lights, the scent of the tree, and the hugs of your friends and family. So you can't buy that big TV this what, you'll see the same shows on your old, small TV. With an extra dollar, maybe bring a can of soup to your local Food Pantry, or send a card to our these folks, the little things mean so much. The bonus here, is you will feel better doing it.

Yes, the economy is not the best, but look at what we DO opportunity to go back to simpler times, when we couldn't wait for Grandma to come over, just to see Grandma, and not for what she bought us.

Wishing you, even without that BIG TV, the Happiest Holidays ever!!