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What does a picture REALLY say?

You are on the hunt for your first home, or a new home, and like so many (most actually), you rely on the Internet for information about what is on the market...that's great, but is it really working for you? Most real estate websites will provide you with information about a property...its lot size, taxes, number of bedrooms and baths, and so on. Read on, and I will tell you how I can help you also get the ADDRESSES of All of these listings. In the mean-time, when you look at these listings, it is a little like "reading" a magazine, you can't help it, but you will tend to look at the pictures, and then decide if this is a property you should look at or not. Some of you have gotten really good at this. You have deducted that if there is no photo of the kitchen, the kitchen must be just awful. This is sometimes true, but not always. Many will not like the wallpaper in the dining room, and eliminate this property from being on the "to see" list.
You are likely finding that you eliminate more properties than those you would one day want to visit.

This is often a mistake. Please keep in mind when shopping for a home, that there are many, many different Realtors marketing the listings. We all have a different style, and a different degree of talent in taking photos. Some agents load up the computer with so many pictures, there is almost no reason for you to go and see it, others only put in a few photos, with the hope that they have "wet your whistle, and that you will want to see more, so you will come and view the property. Of the two, I believe that too many photos is often a mistake in the marketing process. If every photo is not perfect, most buyers will eliminate that property. Too few however, can leave a buyer thinking that there must be few attractive features with that property to make it worth their while to see. For me, somewhere in the middle is ideal. Enough to keep it interesting, yet not too many, leaving a greater opportunity to misrepresent the property.

Just recently, I was showing property to a client in Andover. We got together about once a week and looked at 4 to 6 homes during our time together. On one particular evening, we were all very excited to see a particular home, as it looked absolutely beautiful on line...the pictures were fantastic. We eagerly drove to the property, parked the car, I opened the front door, and the first comment from my client was "wow, this house is WAY more photogenic than it is attractive in person!" I agreed, the pictures looked like they should have been in a decorator magazine, when in reality, it MAYBE would have been featured in a "how to completely re-do your fixer upper" brochure. Needless to say, they did not care for the house at all, and they were very disappointed. In my opinion, the agent did not do their seller any favors by having the property pose as a "beauty" when it really was a "beast." Better to paint a true picture so that visitors will be pleasantly surprised, rather that disappointed.

One week later, there was a house that I insisted they see. The listing had a few photos, none were that great, but I could tell that there was more here than met the eye. We went to see the property, and guess what...they LOVED IT. The house was much, much nicer that the photos indicated. Had they relied strictly on the photos, and not my urging them to take a look, we would still be looking for a house, instead of preparing for a home inspection and the signing of a Purchase and Sale agreement this week.

If you are looking for a house, I would ask you to look at the BIG picture. I would rather show you multiple houses, and have you rule them out once you have seen them. You just might find the perfect house when you least expect it. Think of it as computer dating...maybe he or she takes a bad head shot, but, they may offer you a lifetime of happiness once you take the time to meet them in person. can you see listings everyday, WITH THE ADDRESSES? Send me an e-mail at, and tell me what your price range is, and in what communities you would like to look, and I can place you on my auto-e-mail search. You will receive new listings everyday. This is most helpful because no matter how beautiful the property, if it is not in a location you want to live in, then, and only then might it make sense not to take a look. Who doesn't love to do a "drive-by?"

As always, looking forward to serving my clients the best I can. Call me anytime. 781-290-7425