Blog :: 03-2009

What is happening in the market? Should I sell or buy? Questions I will answer, while giving you a "taste" of my day. A funny story, or serious, but one that is relevent to Real Estate. In addition, as a professional auctioneer, I will give you ideas for fundraising events and auctions, and luxury home sales via the auction method. I will share in events that I recently hosted. I will answer your questions, so please...keep them coming.

All Real Estate is LOCAL

You turn on the radio, all you hear is how "bad" the market is...and how you will "Never" be able to sell your home. If you hav'nt driven yourself off the road, you get home and now you put on the TV. Oh no, be ready, it won't be good. Pictures of foreclosure signs are plastered across your screen, people are living in tents, and surely, the [...]