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Spring is coming...

"Rick, we will call you in April to put our house on the market...the yard will look pretty, and everyone knows the spring market is the best time to sell!"  This is the time of year that I hear this...almost on a daily basis...which means come April, there will be MANY houses on the market!!  Like with anything, supply and demand govern the overall success of whether or not something sells, and at what price.  Because the common conception is that the spring is the best time to sell, the inventory swells, while the number of available qualified buyers doesn't.  I say..."list now!!"

There is an overflow of buyers who didn't buy before the holidays.  They are just waiting for new inventory to become available.  They are educated...they have seen everything in their price range, and haven't found THE ONE!  They are armed with a pre-approval from a lender, are waiting to write a check, and are willing to meet almost any requirement requested by a seller.  They just need the right property to come on the market...maybe yours is THE ONE.  Come April...when there is more to choose from, maybe the competition will offer more and a better, you've missed out, and may need to reduce your price.

The perfect storm awaits the prepared seller.  Low interest rates, spring like weather, exceptionally low inventory, and many buyers.  I recently listed 2 condominiums that sold is a day...over asking!  My business partner recently listed a 4 bedroom colonial in a popular price range...she had 60 sets of  buyers through her open house...had many offers, and the seller accepted one significantly over asking price.  If  a move is in your future, NOW is the time to begin conversations with me.  We will devise a strategy that is right for you, and for your property.

I understand why folks would think that cold weather and snow on the roof may not seem the optimum situation, but there are more reasons to consider selling sooner than later than not.  If now is not the time for you...still a good idea to call me now.  It's a process getting ready.  There is likely a "honey do" list to take care of prior to coming on the market.  I take this part of the process VERY seriously.  Today"s buyers insist that your home be presented well.  I am an expert in preparing your home for sale.  I will assist in staging, and offer professional photography by the best in the business.  My listings SHINE...Call me anytime, and let's see what we can do together to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

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