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Show it, don't blow it!

If you are thinking of selling your home, and you haven't heard...the market is a bit challenging, although improving from months past. There are things you NEED to do before putting your house out there for the world to see. After selecting a GREAT agent to represent you, be sure that this GREAT agent assists you in preparing your house for Sale. Your home is now a can you best package that product so that it will appeal to the majority of buyers?

Some just don't get it. I mean, you all want top dollar, you want it sold fast, yet, you do nothing to aid in making sure that happens. A GREAT agent will be honest with you, and will tactfully tell you to get rid of the extra clutter, paint the den, rip up the old rugs, trim the bushes, plant some flowers, fix the leak, and everything else you need to do. Buyers are out there comparing YOUR home, to the many others that are available. Dirt and clutter do not sell.

If I appear a little harsh, it is because today I noticed 3 houses on the market, in the same neighborhood, that are all listed for well over 1 million dollars! Are they kidding? One has 12 rooms, all painted in horrific colors, and decorated like a dorm room. The other is so cold, you need a sweater in July, with its what seems like miles of dated floor tile, and the last looks like it's furnishings are right out of the Vatican. Trust me...nobody wants to see little Franky's 2 foot by 3 foot communion picture, with the touched up Rosie cheeks from 1969 hung over the fireplace! People, you want OVER 1 MILLION DOLLARS! Where are your Brokers? Did they flatter you and tell you everything is perfect just to get the listing? 6 months from now, and 6 price reductions later, these sellers will have wished that someone was HONEST with them.

Remember, if you smell it, you will not sell it...If it is cluttered and dirty, get comfortable, you are NOT moving anytime soon. So please, if you want to sell, and you want to maximize your property's value, remember that you have ONE shot to leave a good first get ready to SHOW IT, so that you DON"T BLOW IT!