Blog :: 10-2008

What is happening in the market? Should I sell or buy? Questions I will answer, while giving you a "taste" of my day. A funny story, or serious, but one that is relevent to Real Estate. In addition, as a professional auctioneer, I will give you ideas for fundraising events and auctions, and luxury home sales via the auction method. I will share in events that I recently hosted. I will answer your questions, so please...keep them coming.

I wish I had gas...

On Tuesday morning, I was sitting eating a bagel, minding my own business, when the phone rang, and it was my tenant from a property I own...he was HYSTERICAL! Sadly, not the kind of hysterical you might be when you hear a funny joke, or watch someone was the bad kind of hysterical. "'s bad, it's bad," he screamed, "the [...]